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We offer FREE HOME VISITS anywhere in Essex

Our professional Will Writers will craft a personalised Will based on your own personal circumstances at a fixed price, which is a fraction of the fees a High Street Solicitor would charge.

Our Will Writing clients can rest assured that all of our Wills are guaranteed to be 100% legally binding and are backed by our £2,000,000 professional indemnity insurance.


Our Main Areas of Expertise

This is a small sample of the tools available to us. Please see the pricelist for the full spectrum of our estate planning toolbox.

Our Award-Winning Will Writing Service
Writing a Will protects your loved one’s inheritance and ensures the people you want to inherit do so.
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Add Trusts To Your Wills To Strengthen Them
Trusts can be added to a Will to ensure specific outcomes are achieved, and to protect against a range of circumstances.
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Set Up Lasting Powers Of Attorney
Lasting Powers of Attorney are used to give implicit instructions to people you know and trust, if you are no longer able.
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Set Up A Vulnerable Persons' Trust
Inheriting a lump sum may be detrimental to a vulnerable person. It would be better to inherit from a managed Trust.
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Protect Unequal Equity With A Deed
It is always assumed that jointly owned property is in equal shares. A Deed of Trust will prove in which shares it is owned.
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Plan And Pay For Your Funeral In Advance
Prevent your loved ones having to carry out the unenviable task of planning your funeral, when they are grieving. It’s cheaper too.
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Why Use Us?

Our expert lawyers work with you to preserve the things you’ve worked hard for, such as your home and your wealth, so that the people you care about are taken care of when you’re gone.

We can assist you with Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Living Trusts, Probate, and many other estate planning services.

You get a professionally drafted Will, tailored to your specific individual requirements at a truly affordable price.

We are very proud to have been voted the “Best Wills and Estate Planning Law Firm in Essex”.

All Lawyers have trained at The Will Writing Academy and have passed the rigorous entry examination for the Society of Will Writers.

All lawyers also carry out a minimum of 52 hours per year of Continuous Professional Development Training.

Making a will isn’t something that’s done every day. Let’s face it, nobody likes to think of their own demise. That’s why we offer free home visits so that our clients can feel comfortable.

Over the course of the last year or so, many people are now familiar with using Zoom for work or to chat with family members during the lockdown. We are now able to legally carry out Zoom appointments, negating the need to visit us, or for us to visit you.

We agree wholeheartedly with the regulation of the Will writing industry and fully comply with the Code of Conduct prescribed by The Institute of Professional Will Writers.

Our advice has been scrutinised and awarded £2,000,000 of insurance through our insurers, Hiscox, meaning that in the unlikely event you don’t get the best advice, your beneficiaries will not lose a penny of their inheritance.


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What our clients say about us.

I wanted to write this recommendation for Kevin Heath at Essex Wills for the honest, pragmatic and great quality service he provided me when recently setting up both my personal Health and business power of attorneys. Having started my own company in 2018 and having a young family I was aware that I needed to put into place processes to keep both my own health, family and company protected. Kevin explained clearly what a power of attorney could do in the event I wasn’t well enough to manage my own finances and decisions and together we created a bespoke document that met my own personal needs and a legal document that would deliver what I wanted. Kevin was very informative, supportive and delivered a high quality service. I would highly recommend talking to him if you are looking for some protection in the future you can rely on.

Sarah McKee-Harris
Via Trust Pilot

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